An overview of the nema 42 high torque stepper motor

The 42K Series High Torque Stepper Motors use advanced magnetic technologies to provide significantly higher torque levels than what is available in standard round motors. NEMA 42 stepper motor is the largest nema size in the market. It uses advanced magnetic material to provide the highest torque density with the least vibration and noise level. When integrated with an encoder, the nema 42 high torque stepper motor generate make it possible for them to become a more affordable alternative to brushless servo motor in large motion control applications. Inherently, every stepper has flux leakage which equates to torque loss. By inserting magnetic pins within the rotor, we were able to mitigate flux leakage, resulting in improved torque by up to 40%.

nema 42 stepper motor dimenstions


NEMA 42 Frame Size

1.8° Natural Step Angle

Holding Torque Ratings Up to 5700

Substantial Increase In Torque Over Standard Torque Motors

High Acceleration and Increased Rotor Inertia

3 Stack Lengths

1.5% Typical Step Accuracy – Noncumulative

Rugged Construction

Higher Temperature Characteristics

CE Certified and RoHS Compliant

NEMA 42 stepper motor speed torque curve

These motors are available in a variety of windings to meet any application-specific requirement. Motor shaft and mounting holes can be custom engineered to meet your application needs. The big nema 42 stepper motors are optimized for micro stepping driver and have excellent dynamic performance. In addition to the below existing models, it can custom design the motor to meet customer’s voltage, current, speed and mounting requirement. And we oyostepper also provides a wide range of gearboxes for nema 34 stepper motors for sale and nema 42 stepper motors for sale for high torque and low RPM needs.